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Example is always more efficacious than precept.
-Samuel Johnson

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booties for all

Why don't more people knit shoes? And by that I mean, why did this never occur to me before?
Check out padraig for inspiration.

Sweater magic

Sometimes sweaters can be trimmed with no adverse consequences. A sort of splice here: the turtleneck part of a light merino sweater was neatly snipped off just above the neck seam. The severed piece was ideal for fashioning two sleeve extensions -- thumb holes and reattachment optional.

Vinegar, Omnipotent Tonic

Vinegar can be used to clean mildew, steel, sliver, piano keys, carpets, cutting boards, coffee makers, vegetables, and spectacles; to remove sticker gunk, fog from windows, candle wax, grease, cookware build-up, and garlic odors; as deodorant, mouthwash, conditioner, and jellyfish sting salve. At least, according to this veritable textbook of home remedies for the ails of modern life.

Elbow Grease

A lesson I recently learned: Salt, baking soda, and a coarse scrubbing pad can clean up a whole lot of things that you might think would require harsher chemicals. For example, I spilled noxious BLACK LEATHER DYE all over a laminate counter top. I tried mineral spirits and numerous other solvents before finding that mere BAKING SODA and a serious upper arm WORK-OUT took care of most of the dye, and a bit of bleach did the rest. Now I am stronger as well as smarter!

The Knitted Bomb

This project has been out there for a while now, but whenever I need a little cheering up, I check in with "knittaplease" to see the latest installment of stitched graffiti.

culture catching up with you

William Safire on
, "the nom de guerre of the 'recession warrior.' "

Tetris Tiles

In case you needed a little motivation to start that tiling project...
Tetris Tiles!

Be Kind

Michel Gondry's new movie Be Kind Rewind is a glorious ode to the DIY spirit. If you're in the NY area you can make your own movies at the related installation at Deitch Projects - but it closes March 22nd, so hurry!

Mitten Singles Dance

Let's have a mitten singles dance. I have some very cute mittens with no mates! We might even be so bold as to invite some gloves.

Owen and Mzee

If you're a hippo and you're ever stuck in a pen with a giant tortoise, just make friends. This level of adaptability is downright creative.

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