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Jen Wallace

Jen Wallace is the writer behind the curtain creating the magic that is Indie Fixx, the blog that celebrates the indie design world, indie crafters & designers and the arts & crafts they create and sell.

Ever since she was a little girl and had a successful ribbon barrette business in the 5th grade, Jen has been committed to living a creative life and making a living at it too. She also wants to help others live this dream.

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Students looking for an virtual internship?

I am on the search for a virtual intern for Summer 2010 for Indie Fixx.

Responsibilities will include:

1. Conducting research for stories.
2. Help me coordinate a variety of projects which will mostly involve contacting artists, scheduling & organizing details.
3. Respond to email!
4. Writing assignments…both assigned and those based on your own interests.
5. Other stuff that comes up.

Workload will be about 6-10 hours a week and there is absolutely no pay, but the glory, oh the glory…

If you are interested, email me with a brief note about why you are interested in being my intern and a resume as well. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested.


Jess Gonacha started a new blog called peacannoot. Pecannoot is a celebration, appreciation and recognition of our every day abundance. Jess will be sharing images of abundance that she creates as well as images from others. Submit your own drawing, photo, painting, doodle, collage of abundance.

Free Art!

Feed Your Soul: the free art project at Indie Fixx.

Take that, you big bad ole recession!

Green Guest Bloggers!

Are you interested in writing about green topics for the Indie Fixx blog?

Send email for more info.

Special Topics in Calamity Business - Free Marketing Tips!

I debuted a new feature today on the Indie Fixx Guest Blog called Special Topics in Calamity Business.

Periodically, I will be asking successful indie entrepreneurs to share some tips & tricks with readers on how to run an indie business. When starting any new endeavor it’s important to remember to not reinvent the wheel, but find mentors and other informational sources to help you with those things that others have already figured out. To that end, Jennifer Perkins of Naughty Secretary Club shares some advice on free marketing opportunities.

If you run an indie biz and would like to share some tips for Special Topics in Calamity Business just shoot me an email.

Looking for a guest blogging gig?

I’m planning on starting a Guest Blogger feature on Indie Fixx.

So, if you are interested in doing some Guest Blogging and want some more info, send me an email with the subject of guest blogging.

I have a few specific topics in mind, but I am also open to your suggestions and areas of interest. Ideally, I’m looking for both peeps who just want to do an occasional post and for peeps who are interested in doing a reoccurring column. When you contact me, please send me a link to your blog and/or some other writing.

Do you give time and/or money to charity?

Are you a crafter who cares? A DIYer who donates? I'm looking for indie businesses, artists, designers and other creative people who donate time, money and/or goods to charity for a story on Indie Fixx.

If you are interested in sharing how you share, email me . I'm not interested in any particular area or type of charitable giving, so whether you give money and/or time to people, pets, the environment, historic preservation, the arts, public tv/radio, it's all good. If you have organized a charitable giving project, I most definitely want to hear from you.

The focus of this story is going to be what a generous, sharing, and conscientious lot indie, diy, creative people are and to encourage others to get involved donating either time, money or both.

Story of Stuff

If you haven't yet watched The Story of Stuff video, check it out and think about how the over commercialization of the holidays fits into that linear model of goods production.

Win a copy of the book - Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts! Amigurumi!

Share a completed craft project or submit a list of your fave top ten indie sites for your chance to win a copy of the Chronicle Books title, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts! Amigurumi! Read more details about the contest here.

Post your project to win a copy of Working for the Man

Post a comment on this post over at Indie Fixx with a creative project you have completed, a project you have in the works, a humorous or horror story from work or anything else you want to share that you to do to combat cube stress and to just lead more meaningful and creative life for a chance to win Jeffrey Yamaguchi's latest book, Working for the Man: Inspiring and Subversive Projects for Residents of Cubicle Land.

Jeffrey will choose one winner from the commenters to win a copy. Projects can be anything and aren’t limited to just crafting projects. You can write a brief description or post a link to your blog or flickr account to share your project. Just share your creativity!

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