Riva is writing a PhD thesis on the meanings and experiences of making home/homemaking. She writes about food and travel for Ottawa Magazine and lives in Washington, DC.

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I just moved from Canada to DC and what a great opportunity to go through my personalia, including 9 sheaves of hand-printed noney. Each sheaf contains 10 notes packaged together with a gorgeous, printed 'NONEY' band.

National Thrift Week!

January 17-23 is National Thrift Week! Check out the history here, enter the contest, or read up on thrift.

Also, think about marking each day of the week with a thrifty activity, such as holding a potluck or organizing a stuff swap.


It's getting cold in Canada. A traditional smudge is a good way to keep cozy and prepare yourself for what's to come. In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and, as the smoke clears, it takes the bad stuff with it.

Jennifer Cook makes a version from naturally-dried reclaimed cedar and sage harvested from her neighborhood. She recommends smudging nearly anything: living creatures, inanimate objects, and spaces. Buy one from her here.

Or learn more about smudging here.

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project is a fund raising fashion project by Sheena Matheiken in support of Akanksha (an NPO whose mission is to provide education for India's thousands of impoverished children). Matheiken had a dress designed that she could wear in different ways every day for a year, as a riff on the public school uniforms she wore as a teenager in India and to help raise awareness the power of creativity to disrupt the unsustainable nature of fashion.

Kids Camps

Wabi-Sabi (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is holding fibre camps for kids this summer. Check out camps on puppet making, wet felting, and 'finding fairies.'

New Social Inquiry

New Social Inquiry (co-edited by yours truly) is LIVE! NSI is an entirely online, open-access public-academic journal that aims to bring together artists, creative writers, craftspeople, journalists, filmmakers, AND academics in order to create and contribute public dialogue that is accessible to engaging, relevant to non-specialists, and sophisticated enough to push debates forward.

Check out photo essay by Tony Foushe and Aaron Doyle, prose-poetry, a review of and a Shotgun essay by Ottawa's own, Tony Martins.

Save Bitch!

Bitch Magazine is barely hanging on. Fortunately, recent donations equaled $40K (enough to produce the December issue), but they still need help to stay afloat in the long-term. This amazing, independent magazine has, for 13 years, been a funky, unique voice for DIY and the arts.

Watch the live plea for donations or go to their site for more details.

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