Wait, How Do I Make That?

The best way to learn to make something is to watch someone. This means you are taking classes, joining a study group or hanging out with a friend. Step one, make friends.

The second best way to learn things is to open a book. Books are fully vetted by technical writers so that your success rate is much higher. The golden age of craft books was, of course, the 1970's. If you are looking for seminal titles Tsia's craft book pins is a good resource. SNatch has reviewed many recently published titles in Reading is Fun.

Getting Started...
The Church of Craft
Craft Mag
Maker's Faire
You Grow Girl
Renegade Craft Fair

Great Projects...
Learning to Love You More
Knit Knit

But Does It Float
Wary Meyers
Let's Remake
Super Mundane