Side By Side: Best Kids Craft Book EVER

"Side by Side: 20 Collaborative Projects for Crafting with Your Kids" by Tsia Carson is a fun, project based book. It's full of great ideas for lots of lazy sundays. Twenty magical projects in a variety of mediums, will help you and your child will find fun ways to work collaboratively and independently—together on the same project, or side-by-side on related projects. Create giant newspaper snowflakes, stitch a leaf, make a pillow out of t-shirt, or crochet sea weed. Some of life’s best moments are spent simply doing things in the presence of the ones we love- working side by side.

Beautiful photography, illustrated throughout with easy to follow directions.

Autumn Crown


This delightful book is illustrated throughout with clear and inspiring photographs of kids at work and the beautiful things they make. The beautifully written text walks parents and caregivers through the whole process, showing us not only how to do the projects but how to slow down and enjoy this time with kids at our side.

-Ellen Lupton, author of D.I.Y. Kids and Design Your Life

Glitter Glue Monoprint

Hand-Stamped Bookmarks and Stationery

Living Willow Teepee

Pom-Pom Garland

Side by Side is published by Roost Books.



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