Alt Guide: Air Conditioning

Face it; air conditioning is an unholy abomination. While we all have some point in the summer where we can do nothing more than hug our air conditioning units in gratitude, most of the time, provided we do not live in Arizona, we can do without it. We keep our houses at walk in freezer temperatures while we spend the day at work, making power grids crash on the hottest days. There are plenty of ways around having air conditioning. I speak to you as a veteran and apostle.

Find a well-sited abode. Next time you are looking for a place to live ask yourself, does this house or apartment get a cross breeze? Does it have ceiling fans? Is there a way to keep this place cool with curtains? That is the place you want to live.

Get screens and fans. Your goal is to create a wind tunnel like effect in your house or apartment.

Stock the freezer. Keep a 3/4 bottle of water in the freezer and use it during the day as your ice water. Always good to stay hydrated. Make popsicles. Get some extra ice trays. Make ice tea.

Cook outside. In ye olden days houses would have separate "summer kitchens" to keep the main house cooler during the day. Now we have barbeques. Use that grill, eat cold foods or eat out.

Dress appropriately. Wear a sun hat, get sunglasses. Dress in light colors. Keep yourself cool with your apparel.

Embrace siesta. Hot weather makes you tired for a reason. Slow down. Change your mindset. Try to schedule your summer around the weather. Run errands early in the morning or in the early evening. Try to lay low for the afternoon. Donít fight the hot.

Stay wet. Run cold water over your feet. Carry a spray bottle. Wet your hair. It all helps.

Shower in your underwear. I take a shower in my underwear before going to bed and the cold wet underwear would be unpleasant under other circumstances is great for the dog days of summer.

Freeze your pillowcases. I donít actually do this but I have heard that nothing is sweeter than falling asleep on a cold pillowcase.

Go to the movies. When all else fails a few hours in a movie theater will revive you.


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